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Jim Halpert Is A Scumbag, And It's Obvious If You Just Pay Attention

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Face it: Jim Halpert is the worst. The resident heartthrob of The Office may be presented as the coolest guy in Scranton who gets the girl and becomes successful without trying very hard, but he’s your college boyfriend. He’s that guy who has to have an ironic detachment from everything he likes to protect himself from his feelings. He’s a headset-wearing douchebag who manipulates everyone around him. To put it simply, Jim Halpert is a scumbag. It’s already heavily suggested that Jim cheated on Pam, and if you were watching NBC in the mid-2000s then you know that Ben Wyatt was a much better husband than Jim could ever be. But just in case you’re on the fence, consider this irrefutable evidence that Jim is a horrible man.

Before you get too worked up, this isn't to say the show is bad. Not at all – The Office was such an important show for young comedy fans. It proved that a sitcom didn’t have to follow the same structure that had been run into the ground, it played with pathos as much as humor, and it put normal looking people onscreen. But the show made its hero Jim Halpert, who was straight up scum. If you need convincing, keep reading to find out why Jim from The Office sucks.

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    He Verbally Abuses Pam

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    Throughout The Office, Jim is presented as an ideologically perfect boyfriend who can anticipate Pam’s every want and need while keeping a boyish smirk on his face. But that’s just until things don’t go his way. There are peeks at the real Jim throughout the series, like when he plays basketball and gets super aggressive, and when he won’t stop trying to grab Pam at Dwight’s dojo. Trying to keep up the heavily plastered veneer of a nice person is a full-time job, and when Jim finally cracks it’s obvious how ugly he really is on the inside.

    In the Season 9 episode “Customer Loyalty,” Jim’s façade is busted wide open. He’s been splitting his time between his home in Scranton and his job in Philadelphia, and one of his “Philly days” falls on the same day as his daughter Cece’s dance recital. He asks Pam to film the recital rather than driving the two hours(!) to Scranton to see his daughter. 

    Jim doesn’t make the very short trip to see his family, and when Pam reveals that she couldn’t figure out how to work her phone’s camera, Jim absolutely freaks out and yells at her. It’s an ugly moment that proves Jim is a complete jerk.

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    He Gets Everyone To Make Fun Of Michael's Script

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    In the Season 2 episode “The Client,” while Michael is out with Jan nabbing a huge client, Jim has a less-than-awesome day. He finds Michael’s screenplay for Threat Level Midnight and has everyone read it, like a true jerk.

    The script isn’t good, but that’s not the point. This is Michael’s private property, and Jim just digs through Michael’s stuff and has everyone make fun of their boss. Imagine if someone found the rough draft of your screenplay, novel, song, whatever, and got everyone you know together to mock it behind your back. Real cool Jim, real cool.

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    He Keeps Pressuring Pam After She Turns Him Down

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    In the final moments from the Season 2 finale, “Casino Night,” Jim makes his last-ditch effort to hook up with Pam by giving her a passionate kiss. It may seem romantic, but only if you ignore what's actually going on. 

    Jim has spent forever pining after Pam, who is engaged to Roy; he's even made moves on her before, albeit more subtle ones. Once he finds her alone and in an emotionally fragile state, he confesses his love. Pam turns him down – but he doesn't take no for an answer. He even interrupts her mid-call with her mom to force her into a makeout session.

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    He Bought A House Without Telling Pam

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    Who in their right mind would buy a house and not consult their partner about this major, life-changing decision? Initially it may seem romantic, but that’s only if money isn’t an issue. It’s made very clear throughout the series that Jim and Pam (as well as most of their counterparts) are hurting for money. The economy’s bad, they work in the paper industry, and they live in a dying city; no one has money to spare.

    But for some reason Jim buys his parent’s house in Season 5, assuming that Pam would really want to live where he grew up. Even if she doesn't care about how weird that is, he definitely should have talked with her about it.

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