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Jim Morrison Was A Rock God, But His Love Life Was Tragically Messed Up

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To this day, Jim Morrison is considered one of the biggest studs of the 1960s. In addition to his rock-legend status, he was also a major sex symbol. And Jim also had a rather colorful love life that matched his wild fame and good looks.

But despite Jim Morrison’s scandalous life and rock star antics, the Doors frontman saw himself as a melancholy and brooding poet. In the final years of his life, Jim Morrison’s girlfriend Pamela Courson inspired him to concentrate on this pursuit, which in turn led to his break from the group. In 1971, he and Courson moved to Paris, where Morrison passed from heart failure a short time later. He was 27 years old, and one of the many artists of his time to join the 27 Club.

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