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10 Reasons Why Jiraiya Is Actually A Bad Person

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Jiraiya, AKA the Pervy Sage, is beloved among the Naruto fan community. However, despite his popularity, Jiraiya is actually a pretty terrible person.

His perverted behavior generally comes across as disturbing, as opposed to hilarious and lighthearted. And it's not just his predilection for peeping on women in the bath, or the fact he's aroused by a 12-year-old's transformed body. He also neglects important responsibilities and can be shockingly callous and cruel. 

The fact that Jiraiya is a deeply flawed person does not necessarily make him a bad character. It's perfectly reasonable to like or even love a fictional character who does reprehensible things. 

Jiraiya fans don't necessarily condone his perverted, irresponsible behavior—heck, even if that's their favorite thing about him, it doesn't mirror real-life attitudes. Good characters embody a combination of flaws and merits, and Jiraiya certainly does that. Even so, some Naruto fans still can't stand him. 

For those who love Jiraiya, these moments might provide some insight into the depths of his depravity; for those who hate him, it can reveal some concrete reasoning.

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