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8 Reasons Why JJ Leroy Is Better Than You Think

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Yuri!!! on ICE doesn't feature many villains to earn the fandom's ire - but every show has a character or two that no one likes. In this case, everyone hates Canadian figure skater JJ Leroy.

Though his reputation isn't as notorious as, say, Sakura Haruno's or Pan's, JJ Leroy has multiple positivity blogs in his honor. People actually want to defend him from haters. Why is he so disliked? Maybe because he allegedly cheats Otabek out of third place during the Grand Prix; maybe he's just rude and arrogant. 

Though JJ doesn't always behave exemplarily, he can act extraordinarily nice. He's dedicated to his art and other people. Once you get past all the bluster, JJ even provides narrative contrast for Yuri Katsuki. 

If you cringe when you hear "It's JJ style!," you may need help understanding why some people love the guy. He's truly not all bad.

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    He Truly Cares About Other People

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    JJ Leroy can seem selfish and arrogant, but he's more than that. JJ does a ton of charity work, and he never even brags about it.

    Moreover, he asks Otabek to eat dinner with him because he knows his former training partner isn't always comfortable socializing with other people. JJ doesn't want Otabek to be alone. 

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    He Proves Extroverts Can Have Anxiety Issues

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    Some people assume all introverts, or people like Yuri Katsuki, are constantly anxious and self-deprecating. While some introverts do deal with anxiety, they're not the only ones struggling. In fact, extroverts can too.

    JJ Leroy is an extroverted, cheerful guy; he's always the life of the party. He doesn't seem like he'd be anxious about anything, but he has a panic attack in the middle of a major competition. His character is nuanced and complex. Even though he may appear rambunctious and ever-confident, he struggles with anxiety.

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    He's A Pretty Good Role Model

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    Not everyone likes JJ Leroy's silly, somewhat boastful theme song, but the tune, "Theme of King JJ," definitely has merit.

    JJ isn't just about pumping himself up; he inspires other people to reach their goals, too. Lyrics like "Now I can reach the stars and I will show you how" and "Whenever you feel stand alone never shed a tear / If you always smile on face you'll make it through the rain" prove the song is about more than just his ego. 

    JJ faces criticism from coaches and fellow skaters, but despite other people's opinions, he believes in himself and encourages others to do the same.

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    He's A Thematic Foil For The Protagonist

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    JJ Leroy actually provides insight into Yuri Katsuki's character. When JJ has a breakdown in the middle of his performance, it's not just about him; it's also about Yuri. 

    Yuri sees JJ get upset and mess up his performance in front of an international audience. Yuri not only feels sympathy and a deep empathy for his rival, he's been through the same thing. And watching JJ struggle helps Yuri reflect on his own journey; JJ serves as a parallel for Yuri's growth.

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