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8 Reasons Why JJ Leroy Is Better Than You Think

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Yuri!!! on ICE doesn't feature many villains to earn the fandom's ire - but every show has a character or two that no one likes. In this case, everyone hates Canadian figure skater JJ Leroy.

Though his reputation isn't as notorious as, say, Sakura Haruno's or Pan's, JJ Leroy has multiple positivity blogs in his honor. People actually want to defend him from haters. Why is he so disliked? Maybe because he allegedly cheats Otabek out of third place during the Grand Prix; maybe he's just rude and arrogant. 

Though JJ doesn't always behave exemplarily, he can act extraordinarily nice. He's dedicated to his art and other people. Once you get past all the bluster, JJ even provides narrative contrast for Yuri Katsuki. 

If you cringe when you hear "It's JJ style!," you may need help understanding why some people love the guy. He's truly not all bad.

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    He Sticks To His Convictions

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    JJ Leroy is a devout Catholic. Because of his religious beliefs, he and his fiance Isabella abstain from physical intimacy; they're waiting until marriage. While this character may not be admirable for preserving his virginity, he's certainly admirable for sticking to his own moral convictions in spite of constant temptation. He's loyal to his partner and to himself.

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    He Defies Canadian Stereotypes

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    Canadians are sometimes stereotyped as being polite and self-effacing, constantly apologizing for the most minor infractions. Yuri Katsuki is sometimes like that, actually. Politeness is fine, but JJ Leroy doesn't feel the need to pander, apologize unnecessarily, or act falsely humble.

    Instead, he's proud of himself and even tattoos his name on his body. Some of his tats are patriotic, too; they include Canadian symbols, like the maple leaf.

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    He Isn't Nearly As Bad As Yuri P

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    A surprising number of Yuri!!! on ICE fans count Yuri Plisetsky among their favorite characters, while simultaneously hating on JJ Leroy. They claim JJ's ego is unacceptable, but seem to forgive Yuri P.

    JJ makes a handful of rude jokes to Yuri P, but the younger character calls JJ scum and refers to Isabella as a b*tch. JJ interrupts Yuri Katsuki's wedding announcement, but Yuri P openly mocks Yuri K for his anxiety, weight, and affection for Victor. Yuri P also physically assaults the competition. Some say JJ is excessively arrogant, but the Ice Tiger of Russia mentions his greatness all the time.

    No, JJ isn't perfect, but he's hardly the most despicable character on the show.

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    He Usually Has A Reason For Being Rude

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    JJ Leroy has moments when he's kind of a jerk. In particular, he interrupts Yuri Katsuki and Victor's engagement announcement to announce his own engagement to Isabella and declare a rivalry with Yuri.

    Certain fans speculate there might be a neurological reason for JJ's actions, though. Perhaps he's just bad at understanding other people's emotions. He certainly doesn't have a filter.

    And while interrupting the engagement announcement is in poor taste, Yuri K doesn't even want the announcement to happen at all. He wants people to stop reacting, so JJ is actually doing Yuri a favor.

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