jobs 65 Times People Had ONE JOB and Totally Screwed It Up  

Robert Wabash
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We all know those people who just quite simply suck at their jobs. They have one job and SOMEHOW they manage to screw it up. The result is a terrifying Barbie doll or a confused box of blue strawberries. When it comes to people and their jobs, they can get anything wrong, whether it's putting something in the right box, printing some basic instructions, or even sticking a label on the right way up! 

It does make you wonder how some people get these jobs. What's so funny about this list is that some of them needed a third and fourth pair of eyes to approve the products after creation... and yet somehow these mistakes slipped past every. Single. One.

Have you ever bought a crate of Pepsi and found yourself face to face with rows of Coca Cola cans? Ever held up a cuddly toy in a shop and wondered why it looks cross-eyed? Ever read a sign with contradictory directions on it? This list has all of the above in a hilarious compilation of the most epic fails in working history.

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