16 Job Interview Horror Stories That Lead These People To Say 'No Thanks'

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Interviews are never easy... unfortunately for these folks these interviews top all of the worst interviews ever.

  • 1. Paying The Company For Your Own Mistakes


    "The CEO of the company asked us (yes, it was a group interview) to make a vow.

    He said that every time we made a mistake, his accountants would calculate how much money our mistake cost the company. He asked for us to promise that any time this happened, we would voluntarily choose to pay the company for what they determined their lost revenue was"

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  • 2. Management Talking About How Bad The Company Was


    "Three of four people who interviewed me spent the entire time talking about how bad the company was and why I really don't want the job. The fourth was the CEO. His story was different.

    I didn't take the job".

    44 votes
  • 3. Firing A Mom In Need


    "One of the interview questions was would I be willing to immediately fire a single mother who depended on the company Heath insurance for her register being off 50 cents".

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  • 4. Sketchy Company


    "When she started explaining that my 'role' in handling payments would involve depositing 'client payments' into my own personal account before transferring it to 'the company'.

    I may be a dumb*ss, but I didn't fall off the turnip-truck yesterday"

    36 votes
  • 5. Asked To Work Without Pay


    "I went to interview for an entry level marketing position in the film industry. Two hours in the boss slipped in that I wouldn't be paid for the first few months while they trained me. It was a full time job. He also wanted me to start immediately that day using my personal laptop. I made up an excuse and left shortly after"

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  • 6. Not Telling The Starting Wage


    "'and what is the starting wage for this job?'

    'Does it matter?'


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