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15 Job Posting Red Flags To Look Out For

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Searching for a job online can be a bit tedious and tricky since not everything is not always what it seems. It could even be a full-blown [grift]. If you happen to find some of these red flags on an offer then it's better to skip it. Which of these warnings do you find the handiest?

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    The Real Dictionary

    From Redditor u/viridiano:

    "A fast-paced environment" (your job will be constant firefighting)

    "Dynamic environment" (leadership keeps changing priorities)

    "Must be a team player" (must not question authority)

    "Able to work with minimal supervision" (you'll be the one blamed when something goes wrong)

    "An Agile team" (daily stand-ups)

    "Rockstar developer" (will work very long hours with impossible deadlines).

    Big red flag?
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    Everything Is "Fun"

    From Redditor u/shinzonfu:

    Boring is best.

    Watch out for the places that list how fun it is to work there and the list of fun perks.

    Translation: you’ll be working long hours.

    The boring places usually don’t want you there after 4:00

    Boring is best.

    Big red flag?
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    Work Hard, Play Harder

    From a Redditor:

    This is just for me personally but, “work hard, play hard.” Another one I just encountered was, “We run a lean organization." You mean you’re cheap and overwork your staff.

    Big red flag?
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    Application Fees

    From Redditor u/autoposting_system:

    Any fee or charge ... at all. Well other than driving your own car to the interview.

    If they want money to start the process it's a [grift].

    Big red flag?