Jobs Celebrities Think They Would Have If They Didn't Pursue Fame

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"Stars, they're just like us"...except for the vast wealth and notoriety they possess. While it may seem like these celebs are set for life in their current careers, what you might not know is many of them actually have a plan B. Celebrities reveal the jobs they would have if they weren't actors/singers/athletes/famous, just like most of us, and many of them are pretty normal. In fact, the jobs celebrities would pursue if they didn't become famous are mostly jobs like dentist or priest. These surprising celebrity career choices may seem odd for some of the stars on the list, but others are a great fit. 

From the commonplace to the strange to the unexpected, these career choices certainly reveal more about these celebrities' personalities and makes them seem more relatable than just some abstract rich, famous person. Vote up the celebrity career aspirations that are most shocking, yet also somehow make the most sense!