Jobs That Have the Coolest Schedules 

Jacoby Bancroft
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Finding jobs with great pay and a great schedule is the fundamental goal in life. Who doesn't want to make the most money possible while working only the minimum amount of time? Unfortunately, the real world isn't all like that, but there are some really cool jobs out there that offer great pay and a great schedule. Check out the list below for the best jobs with the best schedules and decide which one sounds most appealing to you.

Ice Cream Taster
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It's a job that sounds purely make-believe, but trust us, being a professional ice cream taster is a real thing. More scientifically known as a food scientist or a flavorologist, an ice cream taster is responsible for inventing new ice cream flavors and serving as a marketing rep. Your schedule normally consists of spending half a year sampling ice cream every day, and then half a year on a marketing tour looking for new flavors and opportunities. It's an interesting schedule, and also one that could earn the ice cream tester up to $100,000 a year!
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Holiday Decorator
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While most people try to avoid working holidays in order to spend time with family, enjoy a nice vacation, or eat ungodly amounts of pumpkin pie, some people ONLY work in the holiday season. Don't worry about them too much, because they make bank while doing so. One such job is a professional holiday decorator. Smart and creative entrepreneurs know how to market their decorating skills to the best of their abilities, and some can make close to $100,000 just by focusing on a few major clients every holiday season. The best part? A lot of them get paid to to set up elaborate holiday decorations, and then they get paid again to take them down.  
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Airplane Pilots
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This is one of those jobs where it pays to have seniority. If you're a pilot who's been active for a long time, you basically have your pick of schedules. It's easy to guess why officials want their pilots to be well-rested, so it's not uncommon for some pilots to work for a few days, and then take 18 days off in a row. If you're lucky, you will work for a successful airline and possibly work your way up to earning over $100,000 a year. Fly to exotic locations, take large amounts of vacation, and earn large amounts of cash - yep, being an airline pilot doesn't sound too bad. 
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Alaskan Crab Fisherman
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Not only will being an Alaskan crab fisherman earn you buckets full of cash and copious amounts of time off, it's now safer than ever! That's right, so if you're hankering to test your mettle out on the open sea catching crab for about three months out of the year, than a career in crab fishing is right up your alley! It won't be an easy three months, but if done successfully, you could walk away with over $50,000. Not bad for a summer's worth of work. 
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