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List of Jocks Studios movies, listed alphabetically with film trailers when available. Jocks Studios has produced some popular movies, so film buffs can use this list to find a few that they haven't already seen. This best Jocks Studios movies list displays shorts as well as feature films made by Jocks Studios, including theatrical releases, limited releases, and made-for-TV Jocks Studios movies.

This list below has a variety of movies in it, from Gold Rush Boys to I Do.

If you want to answer the questions, "What movies did Jocks Studios produce?" and "What films did Jocks Studios distribute?" then this list can help you out.

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Aiden Shaw, Dylan Vox, Christian XXX
"Hot man sex is going on everywhere at Club Addiction: in the bathrooms, in the lounges, on the bar and even out in the parking lot. Drink plenty of fluids before mounting this two-part ...more

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Aiden Shaw, Brad Patton, Josh Weston
"Addiction Part 2 continues just where Part 1 left (came) off. We’re back the following night at the same decadent dance club - where the engorged clientele works hard to put the “dick” in ...more

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Lee Ryder, Jacques Chalon, John Jeffries

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Steve D Sliwa, Alex Kincaid, Sean Dickson
"Stunning outdoor videography and a palaple lust for each other makes this cast of Jocks studs one of the studio's very, very best entries ever. Understandably a huge seller still to this ...more

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Chip Daniels, Steve D Sliwa, Mark Saber

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Peter North, Lance, Steve Hammond

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Tom Chase, Adam Wilde, Cort Stevens

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Mark Jennings, Brian Estevez, David Ashfield

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Cody James, B.J. Slater, Jason Andrews

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Chad Donovan, Daryl Brock, Rick Drake
"Huge dicks in all kinds of action; Chad Donovan, Mike Nichols, Ricky Starr and double fucking, too. More size-full fun from the Jocks Studio family farm of big cocks, big loads and big wet ...more

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Johnny Brosnan, Nick Young, Eric Hart

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Dylan Fox, Bill Marlowe, Paul Bain

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Jim Pulver

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Aiden Shaw, Jake Andrews, Chase Hunter
"Jocks gives you a classic all-male video to help you Break Away. Chase Hunter and friends escape into your heart and pants to give you the best in all male action. Superstar Chase Hunter, ...more

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Jake Andrews, Matt Sanchez, Tony Hampton
"Brad Stone, Rod Majors, and Jake Andrews star as rugged men with no-nonsense attitudes and nothin' but raw man-sex on their minds!" From the liner notes.

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Jake Andrews, Colby Taylor, Tom Chase
"Exclusive Superstar Tom Chase guides us through "Chasers" - the hottest place in town! Starring Jake Andrews, Colby Taylor, Akos Matyas, Anthony Shaw, Brent Cross and Paul ...more

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Blake Harper, Nino Bacci, Jason Branch
"A cast of horny men participate in a relationship seminar and quickly unleash their innermost desires. Starring Exclusive Brett Michaels with Corey Summers, Nino Bacci, Tommy Lord, Jason ...more

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Nino Bacci, Addison Scott, Anthony Lafont

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Rod Barry, Ethan Marc, Carl Erik
"Cowpoke Rod Barry has more than cattle on his mind when Kurt Stefano appears. Four scenes of hot manlust showcase the spirit of the New West: hard working men who play even harder. When ...more

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Chris Burns, Steve Taylor, Dixon Hardy

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Chad Hunt, Josh Weston, Rod Barry
"Just for once I’d like to use my prepared "Jock-y Horror Show" quip to review a Jocks film, but each one I’ve reviewed so far has been pretty good. This one is too. Very. The ...more

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Rob Cryston, Cliff Parker, Steve Regis

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Jake Andrews, Colby Taylor, Doug Jeffries
"Hot men, crisp production values, and good, clean (and mostly vanilla) sex. That's a Jocks entry for you, and Desert Hart is no exception." Quoting a review by Flapjax.

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Ray Butler, Daryl Brock, Aaron Austin

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