The Best Podcast Episodes About Jodi Arias

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True crime podcasts often revisit classic cases that received a lot of media attention. The case of Jodi Arias and the murder of Travis Alexander has been a popular topic for podcasts like Last Podcast on the Left, Morbid, Sword and Scale, and more as they attempt to answer questions like, “Who is Jodi Arias,” and “Why did Jodi Arias Kill Travis?”

In 2008, Travis Alexander was found dead with over 25 knife wounds and a gunshot to the head. Jodi Arias said that she killed him in self-defense, but the jury found her guilty. Many have been puzzled by Arias' actions, such as asking detectives if she could put makeup on so she could look good for her mugshot. There has been much speculation about whether or not Arias is truly guilty leading to a slew of engaging podcast episodes. 

With this case, lots of people are curious about the Jodi Arias sentence, as well as those incriminating camera photos police found. Some podcasts, such as My Favorite Murder, even discuss the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie, Dirty Little Secret.

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  • Dateline
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    Episode: Obsession: The Jodi Arias Story

    Episode summary: This episode of the Dateline podcast goes back to an episode which originally aired in 2013. It finds Josh Mankiewicz examining the circumstances of Jodi Arias' case and trial. She admitted to killing Travis Alexander, but claimed it was in self-defense. The jury did not agree.

    Length: 41:35

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    Forensic Files

    Episode: “The Case of Jodi Arias

    Episode summary: The iconic true crime program Forensic Files looks into the actual evidence used to help convict Jodi Arias of the murder of Travis Alexander in this podcast episode. Blood analysis was completed in the search for the guilty party.


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    The Last Podcast On The Left

    Episode: Episode 419: “Jodi Arias Part 1 - WAP

    Episode summary: This is a long episode, thanks to the in-depth research done by Marcus Parks. There are also plenty of jokes from comedians Ben Kissel and Henry Zabrowski. The Last Podcast on the Left covers the Jodi Arias / Travis Alexander story. The first episode details their relationship, and the awful crime itself. 

    Length: 106:56

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    The First Degree

    Episode: Episode 92: “Jodi Arias Part 3

    Episode summary: Jac, Alexis, and Billy go deep into the trial of Jodi Arias as she faced the death penalty for murdering Travis Alexander in this episode of The First Degree. They take particular interest in the ways Arias defended herself and presented herself as a victim in the situation.

    Length: 1:22:24

  • Morbid
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    Episode: Episode 270: “Jodi Arias

    Episode summary: Alaina and Ash dig into the details surrounding the murder of Travis Alexander, from how he and Jodi Arias first met, to how their relationship fell apart leading up to his death. Ironically, Morbid listeners also heard a real love story with a happy ending as Ash shared the details of her recent engagement with fans at the top of the episode.

    Length: 1:10:52

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    Not Another True Crime Podcast

    Episode: Jodi Arias

    Episode summary: Casey, Danny, and Sara start at the beginning in this episode of Not Another True Crime Podcast looking into the life of Jodi Arias before, during, and after her relationship with Travis Alexander – which ended in his murder. They even provide updates on Arias' experience in the Arizona prison where she is serving a life sentence.

    Length: 54:02