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Joe Bidenisms: The Funniest and Best Joe Biden Gaffes

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Here are the funniest Joe Biden gaffes of all time. The 47th Vice President of the United States has a history of sticking his foot in his mouth. These Joe Bidenisms are classic gaffes the former democratic Senator has made over the years. From his time in the Senate to his time during the 2008 elections, Joe Biden has commited a number of verbal blunders and we can't wait for more from this highly entertaining character. He's almost the Forrest Gump of the political landscape. How did this man become Vice President?

What some of the best Bidenisms? There are plenty to choose from. Who could forget his performance during the 2012 Vice Presidential debate? Biden was in rare form that night. Vice President Biden, at least for Democrats, is a folk hero. But one thing that united people from across the aisle is Joe Biden. You either love him or hate, but what you can't deny is that the guy has sayings, and a lot of them.
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    ...she's- wait- your mom's still- your mom's still alive.

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    "His mom lived in Long Island for ten years or so. God rest her soul. And- although, she's- wait- your mom's still- your mom's still alive. Your dad passed. God bless her soul."

    Joe Biden, on the mother of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen, who is very much alive, Washington, D.C., March 17, 2010
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    ...a three-letter word: jobs...

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    "Look, John's last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs."

    Joe Biden, Athens, Ohio, Oct. 15, 2008
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    The next president of the united states — barack america!

    Video: YouTube

    "A man I'm proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next President of the United States — Barack America!"

    Joe Biden, at his first campaign rally with Barack Obama after being announced as his running mate, Springfield, Ill., Aug. 23, 2008
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    If we do everything right...there's Still a 30% chance we're going to get it wrong.

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    "If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there's still a 30% chance we're going to get it wrong."

    Joe Biden, speaking to members of the House Democratic caucus who were gathered in Williamsburg, Va., for their annual retreat, Feb. 6, 2009
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