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TMI Facts About Joe Jonas's Sex Life

Updated 1 Oct 2019 27.9k views14 items

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Middle child syndrome hasn't held Joe Jonas back from relaunching the next phase of his career. The former Jonas Brother has officially abandoned his good boy, purity ring-wearing image for a more edgy and carefree persona. After starting his new band DNCE, the ex-Jo Bro can finally sing about the things he's always wanted to, including sex. Joe Jonas's sex life has always been a major talking point throughout his life, especially considering the holier-than-thou Disney brand which bred him. Now that the pop star has escaped the mold, he has unleashed plenty of soundbites and in-depth details about the NSFW aspects of his dating and personal life. 

In an extremely revealing op-ed for Vulture, Jonas delved into the questions of sex and love that have followed his career. Feeling stunted by Disney's grip on his personal image, Jonas was relieved to be able to express a more healthy persona, one that doesn't dance around his sex life. While his older brother is married and settled down, and while his younger brother has fostered an overtly sexual rebranding of himself, Joe Jonas has found a middle ground. While he may not be comfortable baring it all, he has offered some insight into his bedroom and life with ex-girlfriends. We've rounded up the 13 most interesting TMI facts about Joe Jonas's sex life.
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