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Joe Rogan On All Things Conor McGregor

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Anyone who knows Joe Rogan knows just how passionate he is about the UFC. Joe’s worked as a backstage interviewer and UFC announcer since the ‘90s, and he frequently interviews guests about the ins and outs of mixed martial arts. Naturally, one of the biggest athletes he loves bringing up time and time again is Conor McGregor. If you are a fan of "Mystic Mac," then you'll definitely want to check out some of the most illuminating discussions Joe's had with his guests over the years concerning "The Notorious."

McGregor's career in MMA began back in 2008. After he won both the Cage Warriors Lightweight and Featherweight competitions, he signed with the UFC. In 2017, he began his career in kickboxing and has since gone on to become one of the most impressive and versatile fighters in the world.

It's no wonder Joe Rogan has a lot to say about McGregor on his podcast. As one of the most controversial fighters in UFC, his exploits and achievements are definitely a hot topic. Check out some of these fascinating conversations where Joe and his guests discuss all things McGregor, and vote up all the Joe Rogan Experience clips you found the most interesting.

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    Joe On McGregor's Wild Nature And Whether He'll Fight Again

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Cedric Duombe, kickboxer.


    • How McGregor is one of the best fighters out there
    • How McGregor is so crazy
    • Rogan saying why he thought McGregor hit that old man

    Original Episode: JRE #77

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      Joe Talking About His Mad Respect For McGregor, Despite All The Criticism

      Video: YouTube

      Guest: Ron White, stand-up comedian. 


      • Joe talks about how hard it is to call friends' fights
      • How much Joe respects McGregor
      • Video clip of McGregor talking about Joe's podcast

      Original Episode: JRE #1268

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        Joe Talking About McGregor's Irish Heritage

        Video: YouTube

        Guest: Everlast, Grammy Award-winning American rapper, singer, and songwriter.


        • How Conor knows how to take a loss
        • Conor's crazy scuffle at a bar in Ireland
        • How Conor changed MMA

        Original Episode: JRE #1338

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          Joe And Comedian Russell Brand Discuss All Things McGregor

          Video: YouTube

          Guest: Russell Brand, comedian, actor, and author.


          • What Conor McGregor means to the UFC
          • McGregor's popularity
          • Conor being compared to Kurt Cobain

          Original Episode: JRE #1021

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