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The Best Joe Rogan Clips Where Joe Talks About Donald Trump

As one of the most polarizing presidents in history, it comes as no surprise that Donald J. Trump is often a topic of conversation on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Joe frequently has guests come on his show to discuss Trump's policies and talk about current political events. While Rogan tends to keep an open mind when it comes to political views, he shares both liberal and conservative viewpoints - as evidenced by his comment.  When it comes to Trump, however, it’s almost impossible not to have a strong opinion on The Donald’s peculiar form of politics.

From comedians to philosophers, Joe Rogan’s had all kinds of guests on his podcast with their own unique point of view. In many instances - especially over the last several years -Donald Trump has come up often. Joe and his guests talk about policies and the controversies; what they’ve enjoyed seeing and events that infuriated them.

No matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, these JRE clips offer an entertaining and often insightful look into the modern world of politics. Give ‘em a gander below and vote up your favorite clips.

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    Joe On How Trump Really Loves KFC

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Tom Papa, stand-up comedian.


    • How Trump eats Kentucky Fried Chicken
    • The fast food feast he held for the athletes
    • How those athletes must have felt

    Original Episode: JRE #1281

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    Joe On Trump's Constant Trolling

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Michael Malice, author and media personality.


    • Trump on Elizabeth Warren
    • Trump disrespecting everyone
    • How Trump is repulsive physically

    Original Episode: JRE #1197

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    Joe And Steven Tyler Discuss Why Tyler Sued Trump

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith.


    • Trump's lawyers
    • Tyler had to sue Trump for using one of his songs
    • Tyler used to be friends with Trump

    Original Episode: JRE #1116

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    Joe And Penn Jillette On What Trump Is Like In Real Life

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Penn Jillette, magician.


    • Jillette was on tour with Trump a lot
    • Rogan got asked to do Apprentice
    • Jillette wanted to show atheists could be kind

    Original Episode: JRE #1343

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