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Joe Rogan On Jon Jones And Why No One Can Beat Him

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Joe Rogan is a huge fan of mixed martial arts. He frequently works as a UFC commentator and loves to have fighters on his podcast. So as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world, it makes sense that Jon Jones would often come up as a heated topic of discussion. Sure, he may be a controversial figure, but there’s no denying how talented Jones is. With so much hype surrounding Jones and his various exploits inside (and outside) the ring, these clips look at the different aspects of Jones's rollercoaster ride as UFC champ.

Jones’s professional UFC career started in 2008. After defeating Brad Bernard in the first round via TKO, Jones quickly climbed the ranks to become the UFC Light Heavyweight champion in 2011. While his winning streak is impressive, his fame outside the ring has been clouded by numerous scandals, including failed drug tests, hit-and-runs, and more. Rogan and his various guests often discuss the ups and downs of Jones’s career, which definitely makes for some great viewing.

As one of the most polarizing figures in MMA history, these clips feature interesting discussions and unique insights into the mind of Jon Jones and the UFC as a whole. Vote up your favorite JRE podcast clips where Joe and crew discuss all things Jon Jones.

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    Joe On Jones Being The Greatest Fighter Of All Time

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Brendan Schaub, stand-up comedian and podcast host. 


    Original Episode: JRE #74

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      Joe On How Good Jones Is At Talking Smack

      Video: YouTube

      Guest: CT Fletcher, powerlifting vlogger.


      • Jon talking smack
      • How big and bad Jon Jones is
      • Jones's potential in the heavyweight division

      Original Episode: JRE #1291

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        Joe On Jones's Insane Reach And Ability To Control Fights

        Video: YouTube

        Guest: Eddie Bravo, martial arts instructor.


        • How Jones can feel when he fights
        • Jones utilizing long reach
        • Understanding other fights psychologically

        Original Episode: JRE #1308

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          Joe On How Jones Keeps Testing Positive For Illegal Substances

          Video: YouTube

          Guest: Joey Diaz, stand-up comedian. 


          • Jon Jones testing positive but still fighting
          • Jon Jones was on the same substance in the past
          • Rogan brings up microdosing 

          Original Episode: JRE #1220

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