The Best Joey And Chandler BFF Moments From 'Friends'

Friends just wouldn't have been the same without the Joey and Chandler bromance. The entire show was built around relationships, but nothing that Ross, Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe had could compete with the best friend duo of Chandler and Joey. No matter what happened on the show, we could always count on them to be together for the long haul.

Sure, things might have changed a little when Monica came into the picture, but Chandler always made time for Joey when they needed it. Unlike the constant on again, off again whirlwind that was Ross and Rachel, there was never a question when it came to Joey and Chandler's friendship.

The BFFs stayed together through thick and thin. They had their little family with the chick and the duck and plenty of fights that would have ended the relationship of any lesser pairing, but not for those two.

Best of all, Joey and Chandler’s relationship felt real. They were far from perfect but they just fit together. Joey’s idiocy was balanced by Chandler’s staunchly analytical nature. They complemented each other like only two best friends could and nothing could break them up, not even Chandler having an imaginary affair with Joey’s made-up wife, Karen.

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