Joey Was Beloved On 'Friends,' But His Solo Spinoff Was Doomed To Failure

Everyone knows Joey, the goofy stud and aspiring actor (who once played Al Pacino's butt double in a movie), but not many people seem to know Joey, the failed spin-off that followed the end of beloved sitcom Friends. The show premiered in 2004 and featured Matt LeBlanc reprising his role as good-natured ladies' man Joey Tribbiani, who moves to Los Angeles to continue his acting career. Joey also starred Drea de Matteo, following her departure from The Sopranos, as his sister Gina, and Paulo Constanzo, who would later star in Royal Pains and Designated Survivor, as Joey's brainy nephew Michael.

Despite the show's initial popularity, the ever-changing narrative and devolution of Joey's character into a sadder, dopier man who can't even get a date isolated audiences and lowered the ratings, resulting in the show's abrupt cancellation.