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Coke Contests And Chugging Whiskey: The Drug-Fueled Ballad Of John Belushi

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As an original cast member of Saturday Night Live and star of movies like Animal House and The Blues Brothers, John Belushi is secure in his spot as one of the world's most beloved comedians. But like many other celebrities, he had a powerful dark side, and even after his passing John Belushi's addiction is almost as famous as his face. Many John Belushi movies have become classic comedies — but what went on behind the scenes?

Belushi began his comedy career at Chicago's Second City, joined the original cast of SNL in 1975, and left after Animal House made him a movie star and created some pretty crazy behind the scenes stories. Belushi used coke throughout SNL and as he became more famous, he required more to keep himself going. Believing his excesses were responsible for his success, Belushi struggled unsuccessfully to stop himself from self-destructing. Luckily, his passing at age 33 from an overdose managed to wake up several of his contemporaries like Robin Williams. As a comedian who just wanted to make people happy, Belushi struggled under the weight of his career and these stories about his struggle show the painfully human side of the comedy legend.

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