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"John Dies at the End" movie quotes provide the often odd but never boring dialogue to the 2013 dark comedy-horror film based on the book of the same name by David Wong. Written, directed and produced by Don Coscarelli, "John Dies at the End" follows two men who go on a wicked adventure after taking a hallucinogenic drug. The movie first premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival before its theatrical opening on January 25, 2013, in the United States.

In "John Dies at the End," Rob Mayes portrays the title character of John Cheese. John finds himself in some type of alternate reality after a wild night of partying which included partaking in a mystery drug known as soy sauce. This was no normal trip for John. After taking the "black stuff" John remembers a whole bunch of weirdness, like things that haven't happened yet and things that happened in alternate dimensions. Close friend David (Chase Williamson) tries to calm John at which point he's interrupted by John phoning him to apologize for the events that have not yet happened.

Soon David accidentally takes the soy sauce drug and has his own strange trip as well. In his trip, David determines that it's his destiny to somehow save the world and that he must do it while in one of the alternate realities brought on by the drug. Not only that, David decides to document his experience with the help of reporter Arnie Blondestone, portrayed by Paul Giamatti, that is if he can explain what happened in a way that a normal person would believe. Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman, Doug Jones, Daniel Roebuck and Jimmy Wong all co-star in the wacky movie.

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You Got My Attention, Mr. Wong

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Arnie Blondestone: "Well you got my attention, Mr. Wong. This black stuff, this sauce…"
David Wong: "You can see things you shouldn't be able to. If I show you what is in this container you'll never feel at one with the human race."

Arnie Blondestone is intrigued by what he's heard about the soy sauce drug and seeks out David for more information about it. Explaining the black stuff to Arnie however is not an easy task as the drug is so out there in comparison to things a normal person can comprehend.
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You Will Face the Unimaginable

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David Wong: "Someday you will face the unimaginable. It is physically impossible to avoid it."

This seemingly simple sentence, spoken from David to reported Arnie Blondenstone, touches something within Arnie and causes a quite fearful reaction. Then again, thinking about an inevitability of facing the unimaginable is kind of scary on its own.
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Robert Called It the Soy Sauce

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David Wong: "So you don't know the name of the drug?"
John Cheese: "Robert called it the soy sauce. I don't think he know that's the nickname, that it's not actually soy sauce."
David Wong: "Wait, Robert? Oh, right, the fake, magical Jamaican. What was his last name?"
John Cheese: "Marley"
David Wong: "Ah, of course, Robert Marley and that guy is the one who gave you the…"
John Cheese: "We were in the one ball parking lot, right, just passing around a joint. That Jamaican guy pulls out this sauce and goes 'It be opening doors to other worlds, mon.'"
David Wong: "Did anyone else take it?"
John Cheese: "That stuff, David, I'm remembering things that haven't happened yet. I mean, that didn't happen."
David Wong: "John, answer my question! Did anyone else take the sauce?"
John Cheese: "I don't know. That's what I'm trying to say. We went to Robin's trailer, Amy and those guys, they didn't want to come because they got all freaked out when they saw a needle come out."
David Wong: "Are you kidding me? You actually tried that s***?"
John Cheese: "How could I not?"

After John tries the mystery drug for the first time, David is curious what it's all about. David is initially turned off by the unknown properties and the thought of shooting up but soon gives in and tries it for himself.
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My Chance to Save the Universe

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David Wong: "I realized all at once, my one chance to save the universe, lay inside this bottle."

After taking the soy sauce drug, David's eyes are opened to his true destiny, saving the world with the help of the soy sauce. This must be the case, right, since everything that happens while on drugs makes sense right?
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