Film There's Something Strangely Relaxing About Angry John Goodman  

Mick Jacobs

Despite a surname suggesting a jolly attitude, Goodman plays many roles requiring him to defy his own title. His large stature, booming voice, and expressive cheeks make his outbursts simultaneously frightening and entertaining to observe.

Coupled with his own distinctive, booming voice, Goodman provides one of the film world's best tempers. Though Goodman's temper may be short, it goes a long way in terms of entertainment.

From The Flintsones to The Big Lebowski, Goodman's anger provides his characters with an endlessly intimidating yet humorous personality. So what if it gets to be a bit of the same after a while? 

So what if it gets to be a bit of the same after a while? Like Angelina Jolie's lips or Tim Curry's chuckle, angry John Goodman stands as a staple of modern cinema.