15 Conspiracies About John Lennon's Death That People Truly Believe  

Jacob Shelton
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In the decades since John Lennon’s death, his murder on December 8, 1980, has taken on a mythic quality. John Lennon murder conspiracies have taken on lives of their own, and have entangled themselves into his status as a folk hero. The death of John Lennon wasn’t just a blow to the world of pop music, it was essentially a nail in the coffin of the anti-war movement. But who killed John Lennon? The official story is that it was Mark David Chapman, a loner who had just flown to New York from Hawaii. But was it really the bookish nerd who was allegedly one of Lennon’s biggest fans? Or was someone pulling his strings?

Most of the John Lennon murder theories are predicated on the idea that someone, or some group of people wanted Lennon to put a sock in all of his positive, peace and love BS. All of his sleep-ins and talk about being a dreamer didn’t jive with the way the shadowy somebodies wanted the rest of the world to think so he was put down. Or maybe it was simpler than that. Keep reading to explore all of the possibilities behind John Lennon’s death.

Vote on the theories about the former Beatle’s death that you think are most likely to be true. And if you have your own theories about why John Lennon was killed, leave it for us in the comments – and whatever you do, don’t reveal your true identity. 

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Was Mark David Chapman a CIA Hitman?
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Was Mark David Chapman actually a Beatles fan who was seeking out John Lennon's approval before he murdered the singer? Or was he a CIA patsy who had never listened to rock 'n' roll in his life? Author Phil Strongman believes that Chapman wasn't actually the attention seeker that people believe he was. As Strongman says: "If he was an attention-seeker, then why did he turn down the chance of what would have been the trial of the century? By pleading guilty, Chapman missed all of this attention he was supposedly seeking. Why?"

The biggest tip off for Strongman that Chapman was actually a CIA operative was his calm demeanor after shooting the former Beatle. He suggests that Chapman had been recruited by the CIA and trained during his travels around the world. He explains that if Chapman looked like a zombie after killing Lennon and waiting for the police, it was because that was exactly what he was. 

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What Is Project Walrus?
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If we're using context clues, Project Walrus was named as such because John Lennon was the titular Walrus from The Beatles song. While this could be true, it feels a little tongue in cheek for the U.S. government in the decade leading up to Lennon's murder.

But maybe the CIA or the FBI or whichever government agency really killed John Lennon was feeling a little frisky as the '80s were rolling in. Most of Project Walrus concerned setting up an apartment adjacent to John Lennon and Yoko Ono's in order to break in and steal their personal belongings (journals, mail, etc.) so they could sell the material after Lennon's death and drag his name through the mud

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John Lennon Is Alive and Well and Living in Mexico
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Have you ever thought that John Lennon wasn't actually killed in 1980? What if the entire plot of Mark David Chapman approaching the star (who really should have been traveling with bodyguards) and shooting him at point blank range before waiting patiently for the police was just a ruse to help the singer live in peace for the rest of his life? While it's an outlandish idea, it wouldn't be impossible to accomplish, and there are a few facts that prove that this might be what happened to the former Beatle. 

One thing that points toward Lennon's plan to disappear is the fact that the tapes he recorded on the night of his "murder" were erased by the session's producer. In an interview, Jack Douglas the producer, said: "The [tape of the] last day got tossed. I tossed the last day. Doesn't exist. It was the end of "Walking On Thin Ice." It was the last day of mixing, but there were things, there were some strange things said in the control room." What does that even mean? Could Lennon have been telling the producer about his plans to take off? Maybe. 

If Lennon is out there, should we be trying to find him? If we do find the aging pop star on the beaches of Cozumel, would he want to return to the limelight? Probably not. And after all, finding John Lennon might be putting him in danger all over again. 

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It Was That Darn Illuminati
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Aliens, gang stalking, the CIA; those are all fine and dandy for all you sheeple that don't want to see the truth about John Lennon's murder, but remove the scales from your eyes and you'll see that the real murderers were The Illuminati. It's widely believed that The Beatles were created by a shadow government in order to control the youth of America through rock 'n' roll delivered via the four lads from Liverpool. After Lennon bailed on the group he made enemies for life in the secret organization. 

If Lennon was using his solo albums as a way to tell the world about the secret hand that controls the world, it makes sense that they (whoever they are) would want to get rid of him. The scariest part about this is that the people behind the conspiracy likely created multiple conspiracies on top of conspiracies just to cover their tracks. Does anyone else have a headache?

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