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List of John Portman buildings, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Most, if not all prominent John Portman architecture appears on this list, including houses, churches and other structures where applicable. This list contains information like what city the structure can be found in, and when it was first opened to the public. If you want to find out even more about these famous John Portman buildings you can click on the building names to get additional information.

List ranges from SunTrust Plaza to Atlanta Marriott Marquis, plus much more.

This list answers the questions, "What buildings did John Portman design?" and "What do John Portman structures look like?"
151 Incheon Tower is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list List of John Portman Architecture
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151 Incheon Tower

The 151 Incheon Tower is a supertall twin tower proposed for construction in Songdo International City, Incheon, South Korea. The design consists of two 151 floor, 781 m supertall skyscrapers connected by three skybridges. Construction started with groundbreaking on 20 June 2008. If completed on schedule in 2015, the building will become the tallest twin towers in the world and one of the tallest in Asia, surpassing the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After the late-2000s recession, the tower was postponed with the possibility of a redesign at a lower height. The height of the supertall was reduced from 780 metres to 600 metres ping the design the same. The Skyscraper is designed ...more on Wikipedia

City/Town: Incheon, South Korea

Opened: Jun 20 2008

Architect: John Portman

Created By: John Portman

Construction Started: 2008-06

Atlanta Marriott Marquis is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list List of John Portman Architecture
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The Atlanta Marriott Marquis is a 52-story, 168.86 m Marriott hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the 14th tallest skyscraper in the city. The building was designed by Atlanta architect John C. Portman, Jr. with construction completed in 1985, and because of its bulging base, it is often referred to as the "Pregnant Building". One of the defining features of the Marriott Marquis is its large atrium. It was the largest in the world upon its completion in 1985, at 470 feet high. The atrium spans the entire height of the building and consists of two vertical chambers divided by elevator shafts and bridges. The record was later broken by the Burj Al-Arab in Dubai. The 42nd floor features a ...more on Wikipedia

City/Town: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Opened: Jan 01 1985

Structural Height (m): 168.86

Floors: 52

Architect: John Portman

Created By: John Portman

Building Function: Hotel

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Four Embarcadero Center is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list List of John Portman Architecture
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Four Embarcadero Center

Four Embarcadero Center is a class-A office skyscraper in the Financial District of San Francisco, California. The building is part of the Embarcadero Center complex of six interconnected buildings and one off-site extension. The skyscraper, completed in 1982, stands 174 m with 45 stories. Four Embarcadero Center is the tallest building out of the entire complex, standing at slightly taller than One Embarcadero Center, which is the second tallest in the complex without its flagpole. ...more on Wikipedia

City/Town: Financial District, San Francisco, California, USA

Opened: Jan 01 1982

Structural Height (m): 173.74

Architect: John Portman

Created By: John Portman


Hyatt Hotel, Houston

Architect: John Portman

Created By: John Portman