Unspeakable Times

John Sharpe Begged The Public To Help Find His Family’s Killer, But He Was Hiding A Horrific Secret

The infamous John Sharpe murders consisted of a double murder which took place on March 23, 2004, in Mornington, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. There's something especially tragic about a man snapping and killing his very own wife and children: John Sharpe murdered his pregnant wife. Days later, he would kill their infant daughter, Gracie, as well. Sharpe then joined the list of killers who faked remorse, appearing on the news to talk about his daughter and wife's supposed disappearance, pretending to grieve and pleading for anyone to come forward who knew there whereabouts. In addition to the interviews with fake tears, Sharpe also joins the ranks of murderers who pretended to be victims, as he used his wife's email to reach out to her family and friends pretending to be her, telling everyone she was doing fine. 

Continue reading to learn more Sharpe family murder facts, and why the man responsible is now known as the Mornington Monster.

  • Sharpe Used A Speargun To Murder His Pregnant Wife While She Was Sleeping

    On a fateful night in March of 2004, 38-year-old John Sharpe and his wife, 41-year-old Anna Kemp, had been arguing before bed. Once Kemp fell asleep, Sharpe went to retrieve his speargun out of the garage and shot his pregnant wife twice in the head. He then covered up her body with towels and went to sleep downstairs. The next day, Sharpe attempted to take the spears out of Kemp's head, but he was unsuccessful. Later, Sharpe told police that he fantasized about killing his wife for months before going through with it.

  • It Took Four Spears From His Gun To Kill His Baby Daughter

    For the rest of the day, Sharpe went on with his life as if he didn't just murder his wife. He took his 20-month-old daughter Gracie to daycare and picked her up. He also took his daughter with him when he went to a sporting goods store to purchase additional spears for his speargun. Once home, Sharpe had to dodge a TV repairman who arrived at their home, fearing the man would discover Kemp's body. Later that evening, Sharpe buried Kemp in the backyard of their home. 

    On March 27, 2004, four days after killing his wife, Sharpe put his daughter down for bed. He then consumed several glasses of whiskey and Coke, which he later said was to "numb his senses." He then took out his speargun and went to his daughter's bedroom. Once there, he shot his daughter in the head with the speargun. The shot did not kill her. After the fourth spear, his daughter was dead.

  • He Dug Up His Wife's Body And Dismembered Her With A Chainsaw

    On March 29, 2004, Sharpe went to the hardware store. There, he purchased two tarps, an electric chainsaw, and a roll of duct tape. On March 30, Sharpe dug up his wife's body, and, using his newly acquired chainsaw, cut Kemp's body into three different pieces. He then wrapped the body parts up, went back to the refuse transfer station and dumped his wife's body, along with the chainsaw.

  • He Recycled Some Of The Spears From His Wife's Body To Use On His Baby Daughter, Then Dumped His Wife's Body

    The day after killing Gracie, Sharpe returned to her room and placed a towel over her, so as not to have to look at the horror of his actions, and took the spears out of her head. He wrapped her body up in garbage bags and a tarp and duct taped it. He then drove to the Mornington refuse transfer station, where he dumped Gracie's body. Sharpe would also throw out his speargun and spears, as well as some of Gracie's toys and clothing at the same location.