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All The Famous Women John Stamos Has Dated, From Amy Poehler To Demi Moore

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John Stamos is known for his work on ABC's General Hospital and Full House, but the 56 year-old actor has also had quite the dating history. He's dated a variety of women, including co-stars, fellow musicians, and models. The list of John Stamos relationships spans from high profile celebrities to lesser-known members of the entertainment industry. Some have been long-term girlfriends, others just casual flings. Either way, there's quite a list of John Stamos exes. 

Now that Fuller House is officially wrapped up, we still have one question: Is John Stamos single? In case you were wondering if you still had a chance with Uncle Jesse, unfortunately the answer is no. John Stamos married 33-year-old model and actress Caitlin McHugh in 2018. Last year, they welcomed their first son Billy into the world, named after Stamos’ late father. Since then, Stamos has been dubbed by People as the hottest new dad in Hollywood

Stamos’ marriage with McHugh isn’t his first, and it’s certainly not his first long-term relationship. So, who has John Stamos dated? Renée Zellweger, Amy Poehler, and Denise Richards are a few of the famous women John Stamos dated. There have been many John Stamos girlfriends over the years.

Considering he's always been a TV heartthrob, it's no wonder there's a long list of the people John Stamos dated. Let's look back on John Stamos' past flames, including a few celebs that may actually surprise you. Read on below to see the full John Stamos dating history.

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    Caitlin McHugh Stamos

    Actress, model, and writer Caitlin McHugh tied the knot with John Stamos in February of 2018, following her divorce with restauranteur Massimo Lusardi. They have a son together named Billy, after Stamos' late father. 

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      The Parks & Recreation star went on a date with Stamos after her divorce from Will Arnett. Although according to an interview with E!she wasn't really sure if it was a real "date." Stamos later confirmed with Extra that it was, in fact, a dinner date. 

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      • Though it can't be confirmed for sure, rumors have floated around that the popular actress dated John Stamos for a brief time. They were seen at Disneyland together in 2011. 

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        • John Stamos revealed on the Howard Stern Show that he and Denise Richards briefly dated. It didn't work out because of her recent split with Charlie Sheen, which left her with two kids that Stamos was unprepared for. 

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