16 John Wick Memes Only True Dog Lovers Will Understand

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There is very little we know about John Wick. We know he is good at his job in the assassination business. We know he loved his wife, and he loves his car, and he has a creative flair with household writing utensils. But if there's one definitive label to ascribe to John Wick, it is this: dog lover. Strike that - dog avenger.

If you look through Keanu Reeves's career, he may technically lay claim to being more of a cat person, having provided the voice for a self-named feline in Key & Peele's Keanu. But let's be real: he has forever endeared himself to dog people around the world with his - or, rather, John Wick's, but let's not split hairs - passionate defense of his beloved Daisy, the pet beagle that was his wife's parting gift.

Behind the scenes, the action franchise has had its own share of madness. But nothing compares to Wick's exploits on-camera - all sparked by the callous actions of one poor wretched wannabe gangster who didn't know whose puppy he was dealing with. The righteous retribution delivered in Daisy's name has become the stuff not just of legend, but of myth. And how else are modern myths to be immortalized but in meme form? Here are just a few living tributes to John Wick's noble canine cause - tributes that will hit true dog lovers where it hurts.

  • 1. The Official Slogan Of Wick Enterprises, LLC

    The Official Slogan Of Wick Enterprises, LLC
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  • 2. Just Don't Look Him In The Eyes

    Just Don't Look Him In The Eyes
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  • 3. Wheel Of Justice

    Wheel Of Justice
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  • 4. Priorities

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