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Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Johnny Depp

Updated 14 Oct 2019 1.1m views24 items

Johnny Depp has played a doomed teen boyfriend, a teen cop, a teen rebel, a pirate, a lizard, and all manner of wide-eyed, pale and/or maniacal Tim Burton characters. He's one of the biggest and most recognizable movie stars of all time, and he keeps redefining himself, shifting from mega-franchises like Pirates of the CaribbeanThe Lone Ranger, and Alice in Wonderland to small character-based dramas like Black Mass.

But who is Johnny DeppWhat's his regular life like outside of his movie career? We've pored through Depp's personal history and biography to his various interviews, stories, and anecdotes to present a veritable wiki of trivia, fun facts, and quotes. Whether you love him as a wacky caricature or serious actor, there is so much to learn about the man.

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