The Many Terrible Wigs of Johnny Depp

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Being an A-List star like Johnny Depp has its perks. Beyond the obvious stuff like having enough money to buy your own private island, and being able to escape from the Australian penal system relatively unscathed, you never age and you never suffer from hair loss! Sort of. Unless our theory about celebrities being a part of an ageless coven of acting witches is correct, you can bet that with the cash that comes with a hundred million dollar film opening you can buy some pretty great plastic surgery. Or in Johnny Depp’s case, you can buy the best hairpieces known to man. We know, it’s basically heresy to say that your boyfriend, Johnny Depp, is losing his hair as he grows older and might be vain enough to purchase wigs and weaves of various lengths, but it’s true! We think. To back up our hypothesis of Depp’s balding, we’ve put together a list of the many terrible wigs of Johnny Depp. Maybe after you read it you’ll see the light.

Some of the absolutely horrendous wigs on this list are from his films where, admittedly, he has very little control over what he wears. (In fact he probably has little control ever - Johnny Depp fashion is a serious business with many parties involved, to be sure.) But the disconcerting thing is that he tried to pass off a lot of these hairpieces as his actual hair. How dumb do you think we are Johnny Depp? We can spot a Johnny Depp hairpiece (or Affleck or Travolta one, for that matter) from a mile away.

Prepare to be assaulted with the absolute proof of Johnny Depp’s hair loss with this list of the absolutely terrible wigs he’s worn throughout his career. When you’re done cursing the heavens, vote up the most obviously horrible Johnny Depp wigs below.