Jokes Every Parent Will Instantly Relate To

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This list of jokes every parent will instantly relate to has some of the funniest parenting memes on the internet. Your favorite parenting jokes, or soon to be favorite kid jokes, are all ranked here for your comedic relief. Parents need relief more than anyone, as it might be the single hardest job on earth. That's why this list is particularly therapeutic and cathartic. It is impossible for parents not to relate to these memes and good jokes about the trials and tribulations of a parent. And since parents do not have too much time (in fact, that is a common theme throughout these pictures and one-liners), these are thankfully short jokes so that they can LOL and then get back to raising their children.

Jokes about parenting will resonate with mothers, fathers, babysitters, and probably anyone who has ever seen a child before. They are universal and broad but they are especially amusing to those who have gone through the struggle (and have no doubt, the struggle is real) of raising a kid. These photos and gags mock the parenting styles of others and maybe poke fun at your own, as a sense of humor is vital to child-raising (or else everything would be tragic). From the lack of cleanliness to the lack of peace and quiet, the common themes of parenting complaints are all addressed in these great jokes. So many comedians have children of their own and it is no wonder why: the job of being a parent offers an endless supply of jokes like these.

  • 1. "Me time" is for your sake

    "Me time" is for your sake
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  • 2. I've been waiting all night

    I've been waiting all night
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  • 3. I don't care if Timmy got one for Christmas

    I don't care if Timmy got one for Christmas
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  • 4. Silence is bliss

    Silence is bliss
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  • 5. Goodbye cleanliness

    Goodbye cleanliness
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  • 6. Tough love

    Tough love
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