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All the Ways Jon Snow Is Becoming Ned Stark

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In a top notch Jon Snow Ned Stark Yorkshire accent, consider yourself warned about SPOILERS in the North. 
Here’s a question to ponder about your favorite living sad face emoji from Game of Thrones. Is Jon Snow turning into Ned Stark on some level? Let’s look at the evidence. 
What’s going on with Jon? Did coming back from the dead further solidify him as the next dour Warden of the North? There are many similarities between Jon Snow and Ned Stark as far as their outlook on life. Ned knew winter was coming; Jon has seen the advent of the next Long Night. But no one seems to be giving this much weight even though Jon and his men actually witness the terrifying powers of the Night’s King. Kind of makes you wish Ned had seen it so he could say, “I told ye soo!”
Another indicator that Jon will land squarely in a Ned state of mind… both men were betrayed when they tried to do the right thing. Ned wasn’t afraid to die; now Jon isn’t either. And they both know what’s in the great blackness of death. Sort of. Jon saw nothing, but maybe Ned knows that there’s something and will tell Jon what it is, using Bran. 
Other clues of Jon Snow turning into Ned Stark are Jon’s latest look. He’s rocking a hairstyle that is dangerously close to Ned’s retirement sweep back. He’s also wearing a cloak just like his pop/uncle's, thanks to Sansa.
He’s also got the same sense of humor as Ned. Meaning, he’s about as funny as the ending of “The Door.” Maybe he’ll lighten up when the White Walkers are defeated and he’s having an ale with his dad in Westeros heaven. Hey! Maybe he won’t die. Maybe he’ll met another redhead and settle down at Winterfell, telling his great grandkids stories in the godswood in a sort of grim and wistful way, just like Ned.
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    Bran Will Connect Jon and Ned

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    Just a guess, but Bran’s greenseer abilities will probably connect Ned to his children and, most importantly, to Jon. Whatever Jon learns will jumpstart him back into the war against the Others. It’ll also help him understand Ned’s actions and possibly show him how to avoid the mistakes Ned may have made.
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    Jon Also Has a Thing for Redheads

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    Although Ned married Catelyn out of duty when his brother was killed by Mad King Aerys, he grew to love her all the same. When Jon sees Ygritte, he’s sprung. Ice and fire, indeed.
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    Same Accent, Excellent for Doom and Mother Talk

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    The Yorkshire accents of Ned and Jon are effective at giving bad news, doling out warnings, and telling bawdy jokes. But scratch that last one. Maybe there will be jokes after the war with the White Walkers. You can almost see Jon, a horn of ale in his hand, “Know what you get when you cross a wildling with a Stark? A broken heart. That’s what you get. And you never get over it. Never.”
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    They’ve Both Had to Bring Justice

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    Robb went to war. Sansa got tortured. Arya is off becoming an assassin. Bran is warging up in here. Rickon is well… a hostage right now. It seems the only Stark who’s ready to swing the sword after passing the sentence is Jon. Sansa may get in on this action, but right now Jon is positioned to bring that old school Ned Stark justice to those who have broken their oaths.
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