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Clues That Point to Jon Snow Being a Targaryen

We’re giving birth to SPOILERS in this list! 
If you are a book reader from the way back, the Ned Stark bastard Jon Snow question has been speculated upon for a couple of decades. Why is it important that we know who Jon really is? Because it will have a large impact on the story overall. In the Game of Thrones storyline, It’s go time and the White Walkers are coming, bringing the threat of a Long Night and the destruction of men with them. We’re going to need some real heat, fire, and magic. If Jon Snow is actually a Stark and a Targaryen, he may just be the Azor Ahai we’re looking for. 
If Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, he is Daenerys’s nephew - if you believe that Dany’s parents are Aerys and his sister/wife Rhaella. If you are in the "is Jon Snow Daenerys’s brother?" camp, then you believe that Dany and Jon are the children of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Ned brought Jon with him to Winterfell with the ruse that Jon is his bastard with a lady he knew during the war because Jon favored the Starks in appearance and Dany was ferreted far away because it was obvious she looked like a Targaryen. You buying it? Some say it’s too easy and that Martin doesn’t write that way. But consider this…
Targaryens go together like Tyrion and brothels and the Song of Ice and Fire will really take off when we add Jon to the trio fans speculate will become the Targaryen dragon riders. As the characters come together, they will surely make a mightier force than if they are kept apart. Throw in the theory that Tyrion Lannister is also a Targaryen and then we’re closer to the three-headed dragon prophecy that has the three Targaryens riding on the backs of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion to restore order to the Seven Kingdoms and quell the White Walker invasion beyond the Wall and probably bomb Cersei’s house just for good measure. 
It would be rather satisfying to finally answer one of the biggest Jon Snow theories in this universe since we finally got to the bottom of Kit Harington’s season six resurrection bob. Now that his watch has ended and he no longer needs a big hairy Lord Commander coat, hopefully we’ll see Jon make his way to Dany and Tyrion with a stop over at Winterfell to kill the crap out of Ramsay and free Rickon and Osha/Tonks and avenge Shaggydog. RIP Shaggydog. 
At the very least, we should get the answers to the questions of "who is Jon Snow’s mom?" and "is Jon Snow a Targaryen?" It looks like we’re about to find out if R+L=J is true and if that’s the case, well, Catelyn/Lady Stoneheart owes Jon an apology. And all of those other dudes who have been calling him a bastard with relish all these years need to send respect ravens. Also, bye Olly!