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Jon Stewart's Most Entertaining Feuds Ever

Jon Stewart’s tenure as host of The Daily Show ended in 2015, so we're thinking back on all the amazing Jon Stewart fights. For the most part, the silly yet acerbic host of The Daily Show had a great time with his guests. But sometimes, the pundits and politicians who appeared on the show tried to best him in a game of wits. That’s where they went wrong.

These interviews always end up the same way - with a guest who’s mad at Jon Stewart. We love it. In fact, we think it’s so great that we made a list of the best beefs Jon Stewart has gotten into. Sometimes, John Stewart's beefs spilled out beyond Comedy Central, into appearances on Fox News or CNN.

For years, we’ve been treated to Jon Stewart breaking down the increasingly terrifying news of the day and taking the stuffing out of neo-cons. As much as we love someone explaining the news to us in a way that we can understand, our favorite part of The Daily Show was when someone got mad at Stewart for catching them in a lie or just for being a jerk. Check out all of these times that Jon Stewart got under someone’s skin and revel in the comedy gold.

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    Jon Stewart Vs. 'Crossfire'

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    In 2004, Stewart was so prepared to take on televised punditry that he was able to appear on CNN's Crossfire, break down what was wrong with their partisan rhetoric, and then get the show canceled with nothing but his words. Who are the five greatest television pundits of all time? Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart, and Jon Stewart. He's always positioned himself as a comedian, not a pundit, but the man spits hot fire.

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    Jon Stewart Vs. Jim Cramer

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    At the apex of the financial crisis, Stewart took issue with CNBC and Mad Money host Jim Cramer after one of his colleagues referred to people whose homes had been foreclosed as losers. Stewart had mercilessly been mocking the network, and on March 12, 2009, Kramer came on to answer for what Stewart lambasted as woefully incorrect financial advice. Cramer was angry about the beating for years
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    Jon Stewart Vs. Glenn Beck

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    During his time on Fox News, Glenn Beck provided Jon Stewart with plenty of fodder for laughs. On March 8, 2010, Stewart appropriated Beck's trademark chalkboards, claiming the government wanted to put chips in people's heads to control when they can touch themselves.

    Despite being invited to appear on The Daily Show, Glenn Beck sadly never took Stewart up on his offer. 

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    Jon Stewart Vs. Sean Hannity

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    Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity have been at odds for a long time: Stewart is, in many ways, the voice of the liberal media and Hannity is on Fox News, the mouthpiece of the conservative party. In 2009, Stewart busted Hannity for using fake footage of a crowd at a reform rally. Then, in 2014, Hannity reported on the "horrors of Spring Break" and Stewart, doing what he does best, ripped into him for making something out to be bigger than it really is.

    Hannity then called Stewart a "sanctimonious jack*ss" which may have accidentally been the most thrilling piece of television Hannity's ever been produced. 

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