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Jonah Hill got his big break in the 2007 comedy Superbad and hasn't looked back, continuing to take on comedic roles as well as more dramatic (yet still funny) ones like The Wolf of Wall Street

Fans who have followed Hill for years know that he has branched out both in roles and his look, shedding plenty of pounds since his early days in Hollywood. His recent requests for people not to comment on his body really resonated with some, who felt it was about time that someone called out the image-obsessed media. Others have shrugged that perhaps he should learn to take a compliment and just shrug off the inevitable attention that comes with fame. 

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  • Better At Comedy Than Drama
    10 votes

    Better At Comedy Than Drama

  • Underappreciated By Hollywood
    25 votes

    Underappreciated By Hollywood

  • An Incredible Actor
    16 votes

    An Incredible Actor

  • A Kind Soul
    18 votes

    A Kind Soul

  • A Blowhard
    17 votes

    A Blowhard

  • One Of The Good Ones
    13 votes

    One Of The Good Ones