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Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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In the '90s, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was plastered all over the bedroom walls of teen girls everywhere. He was one of the stars of the hit ABC series Home Improvement, and appeared in movies like Man of the House and Wild America.

He was cute, seemed attainable, and girls everywhere wanted him to be their boyfriend. However, even though his star seemed to be on the rise by the late '90s, it ended up just flickering away. JTT left the spotlight shortly after leaving Home Improvement, and he never really regained his stardom after that.

Regardless of his current Hollywood status, JTT remains in the hearts of now-grown-up girls across the country. Who can forget his rain dance with Chevy Chase, or his father-son moments with Tim Allen? And those adorable photos of Thomas with kittens? Yeah, those pictures exist, and they're amazing.

In 2019, JTT sought a SAG-AFTRA national board seat alongside former SAG president Ed Asner and former board member Elliott Gould. He was hoping to join SAG-AFTRA presidential candidate Matthew Modine’s progressive Membership First slate. 

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