The Hauntingly Beautiful Art Of Jordan Eagles, Who Works In The Medium Of Blood

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There's a lot of simulated gore in the world of dark art, but only a handful of artists bring their vision to life via art made with blood. Jordan Eagles has made a career out of this unusual creative niche, and his blood art features the real deal. Believe it or not, fine art museums throughout the U.S. have displayed his nightmarish pieces. With a mixture of installations, hanging pieces, and live performance art, this artist seeks to change the way people view blood

Each piece in the Jordan Eagles blood art portfolio contains real blood sourced from slaughterhouses and willing human donors. Eagles also utilizes a lot of resin in his work. The specially preserved blood remains in a fresh, bright red state so that it maintains its appearance long after the "paint" dries. Eagles has used his work as a springboard for discussing a variety of social issues, including the FDA ban that excludes sexually active gay men from donating blood. Here's a look at Eagles's creepy but fascinating work.