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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Started A Massive Facebook Discussion, And The Back And Forth Is Worth Reading

May 5, 2021 1 items

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a jack of all trades. He acts, of course, but he also dabbles in writing, directing, and music production, as well as running his popular content-creation website HitRecord. In between all that, he somehow finds time for social media and is a surprisingly active presence on Facebook, posting multiple times a day.

One post from the Hollywood star sparked a real conversation this week among his followers, leading to thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments.

"Just an observation: why is it that every single time I see people disagree on facebook - about anything at all - it seems to almost always devolve into uselessness?" Gordon-Levitt wrote. "More productive discussions, please."

From that simple observation, a refreshingly deep, well-thought-out discussion evolved, touching on topics as wide ranging as the 2020 election and the Capitol riots to COVID-19 and nature of belief systems.

The whole thing is worth a read, and if nothing else, it served as the exact kind of "productive discussion" for which Gordon-Levitt seemed to be longing.