The Strongest Female Characters Written by Joss Whedon

Since Age of Ultron opened in theaters, Joss Whedon has been taking it from all sides about his portrayal of Black Widow as a relationship hungry superwoman who just wants a man to put a ring on it and put a baby inside her. We don’t have any way of knowing whether this was a miscalculation by Whedon, or a mishandling of the property by the marketing people at Marvel, but we do know that Whedon has been an OG feminist writer since 1997 when the first season of Buffy premiered. Being such big Whedonites we knew we had to do something, but countless op-eds have already been penned, and an infinite amount of tweets have been tweeted (so much so that Whedon supposedly quit twitter over the kerfuffle). The only thing left to do is assemble a list of the strongest female characters created by Joss Whedon.

It seems like yesterday that every nerd was sweating bacon grease in excitement over the release of Age of Ultron. But now, thanks to the fervor over the treatment of Black Widow, we can’t even remember the end credits stinger! Despite his misstep, he’s still one of the few filmmakers in Hollywood who tries to write positive female characters. After being such big fans of King Geek Whedon for so long, it was a drag to see him drop the ball on Natasha Romanoff, but instead of moaning like a bunch of babies we decided to celebrate his contributions to the world of science fiction and fantasy with a list of his strongest female characters.