An Inside Look At Kurt Cobain's Journals

Kurt Cobain's words live on years after his passing, and not only through Nirvana's music. His friends and family salvaged roughly 20 notebooks that he once used to record lyrics, lists, and his inner thoughts, from growing up to becoming a famous rock star. Cobain's estate - which comprises his widow, Courtney Love, and their child, Frances Bean - compiled his journals into a book that was published in 2012, allegedly generating around $4 million.

Music fans consider Nirvana one of the best bands of all time, thanks to albums like Nevermind and Nirvana's MTV Unplugged performance. Because the musician included honest thoughts and feelings in his journals, facts about Cobain are more accessible to fans than ever. The book provides a peek into a more dynamic version of the artist that the public did not get to witness during Nirvana's heyday. Cobain's journals allow his genuine musings to reach society without fear of misinterpretation.

To those concerned about invading Cobain's privacy: Nirvana frontman biographer, Charles R. Cross, claims the musician kept his journals out in the open at his home, encouraging visitors to read them. And now, thanks to the published book, so can everyone else.