The Bizarre Life Of 'Manacled Mormon' Mastermind Joyce McKinney

Joyce McKinney is a former beauty queen who made headlines in 1977 when she kidnapped Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson. McKinney alleged she turned him into her sex slave. At the time, the case of the “manacled Mormon” made headlines both in England and in the United States.

Since then, McKinney has made headlines for other behavior, such as purchasing a clone of her favorite dog in Korea and for suing the filmmaker who turned her court case into a documentary. McKinney fled Britain before her trial and because the country made no extradition request, she saw no jail time. This was mostly due to the courts of the time finding the idea of a woman overcoming a man and raping him to be preposterous.

After McKinney kidnapped and imprisoned Anderson, she continued to attract the public’s attention with her fame-seeking behavior and unusual backstory.