15 Random Jujutsu Kaisen Memes We Saw This Month That Are Actually Pretty Funny

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From how JJK characters would react to missing a bus to the suspiciously close relationship between Todo and Itadori, here are some o the funniest Jujutsu Kaisen memes we saw this month. Enjoy!

  • 1. Accurate

    Photo: u/literallyacranberry / Reddit
    274 votes
  • 2. So True

    So True
    Photo: u/Baldr15 / Reddit
    220 votes
  • 3. Besto Friendos

    Besto Friendos
    Photo: u/Smol_Soul_King / Reddit
    213 votes
  • 4. They Are The Last Two Braincells

    They Are The Last Two Braincells
    Photo: u/asilvertintedrose / Reddit
    276 votes
  • 5. Gojo Ramsay

    Gojo Ramsay
    Photo: u/Munto-ZA / Reddit
    170 votes
  • 6. Bruh

    Photo: u/Vicious-Spiegel / Reddit
    156 votes