Weird History

What Was Christmas Like In Nazi Germany?

Nazi Christmas wasn't a warm and fuzzy holiday – it was a celebration of Aryan superiority and Nazi dominance, wrapped up in the likeness of Christmas. There are a number of mysteries still surrounding the Nazis, but the mystery of Nazi Christmas has been solved: it was all about promoting Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Nazi Christmas ornaments featured swastikas, and they tried to replace Santa with Odin. The Nazis also tried to rename Christmas “Julfest,” or Yuletide, to avoid references to Christianity. Nazi Julfest promoted soldiers, German blood, and “community fires.” They even changed the words of "Silent Night" to praise Hitler.

Christmas in Nazi Germany was a propaganda opportunity, where holiday cheer could serve a nationalist agenda. Nazis in the United States might have even celebrated in the same style. By twisting Christmas to replace Jesus with Hitler and Nazi symbols, the Nazis corrupted the holiday for their own evil purposes.