The Best Julianna Margulies Movies

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List of the best Julianna Margulies movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Julianna Margulies's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Julianna Margulies movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Julianna Margulies movies will be at the top of the list. Julianna Margulies has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Julianna Margulies movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Julianna Margulies films to end the squabble once and for all.

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This list includes The Armenian Genocide, Hitler: The Rise of Evil and more films.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Julianna Margulies movies?" and "What are the greatest Julianna Margulies roles of all time?"

Movie fans who love Julianna Margulies have also been known to enjoy films starring Marcia Gay Harden and Claire Danes.

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  • Ghost Ship
    Julianna Margulies, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington
    • Released: 2002
    • Directed by: Steve Beck
  • Paradise Road
    Glenn Close, Pauline Collins, Cate Blanchett
    • Released: 1997
    • Directed by: Bruce Beresford
  • The Mists of Avalon
    Julianna Margulies, Anjelica Huston, Joan Allen
    • Released: 2001
    • Directed by: Uli Edel
  • What's Cooking?
    Alfre Woodard, Dennis Haysbert, Ann Weldon
    • Released: 2000
    • Directed by: Gurinder Chadha
  • Evelyn
    Pierce Brosnan, Aidan Quinn, Julianna Margulies
    • Released: 2002
    • Directed by: Bruce Beresford
  • Snakes on a Plane
    Samuel L. Jackson, Kenan Thompson, Julianna Margulies
    • Released: 2006
    • Directed by: David R. Ellis
  • Out for Justice
    Steven Seagal, William Forsythe, Jerry Orbach
    • Released: 1991
    • Directed by: John Flynn
  • Hitler: The Rise of Evil
    Liev Schreiber, Julianna Margulies, Peter O'Toole
    • Released: 2003
    • Directed by: Christian Duguay
  • The Darwin Awards
    Joseph Fiennes, Winona Ryder, Tim Blake Nelson
    • Released: 2006
    • Directed by: Finn Taylor
  • The Newton Boys
    Matthew McConaughey, Skeet Ulrich, Ethan Hawke
    • Released: 1998
    • Directed by: Richard Linklater
  • Dinosaur
    D.B. Sweeney, Alfre Woodard, Ossie Davis
    • Released: 2000
    • Directed by: Eric Leighton, Ralph Zondag
  • City Island
    Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait
    • Released: 2009
    • Directed by: Raymond De Felitta
  • The Man from Elysian Fields
    Andy Garcia, Mick Jagger, Julianna Margulies
    • Released: 2001
    • Directed by: George Hickenlooper
  • The Upside
    Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman
    • Released: 2017
    • Directed by: Neil Burger
  • Slingshot
    David Arquette, Thora Birch, Balthazar Getty
    • Released: 2005
    • Directed by: Jay Alaimo
  • Traveller
    Mark Wahlberg, Julianna Margulies, Bill Paxton
    • Released: 1997
    • Directed by: Jack N. Green
  • The Armenian Genocide
    Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Julianna Margulies
    • Released: 2006
    • Directed by: Andrew Goldberg
  • The Big Day
    Julianna Margulies, Alanna Ubach, Dixie Carter
    • Released: 2001
    • Directed by: Ian McCrudden
  • Beautiful Ohio
    Brett Davern, David Call, Rita Wilson
    • Released: 2006
    • Directed by: Chad Lowe
  • A Price Above Rubies
    Renée Zellweger, Christopher Eccleston, Glenn Fitzgerald
    • Released: 1998
    • Directed by: Boaz Yakin