Weird History

The Bizarre Story Of Julius Caesar Being Kidnapped By Pirates And Reading Them Poetry  

Kellie Kreiss

When the one and only Julius Caesar found himself a captive of a group of wayward pirates, he didn't exactly do something miraculous or heroic, like defeating them in a one-man ambush and overtaking the ship. Rather, he read them poetry and encouraged them to nearly double his ransom.

In a case of what appears to be reverse Stockholm Syndrome, Caesar and his new chums took to the open ocean and made their way back to the mainland where they regrettably parted ways - or so the now-rich pirates thought. Unfortunately for them, Caesar was a force to be reckoned with.

You don't get to be the first emperor of the most powerful empire the Earth has ever seen without a little brutality now and then. While Caesar didn't have a reputation for bloodthirstiness, he also didn't hesitate to use force militarily or personally.

So, what exactly did Caesar do to exact his revenge on his friendly foes? He brutally crucified each and every one of them, that's what.

See for yourself by watching the video below. It'll teach you all about the dangers of Roman military leaders spouting off poetry unexpectedly.