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List of the best June Allyson movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. June Allyson's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top June Allyson movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated June Allyson movies will be at the top of the list. June Allyson has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest June Allyson movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining June Allyson films to end the squabble once and for all.

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"This list answers the questions, "What are the best June Allyson movies?" and "What are the greatest June Allyson roles of all time?"
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  • This fact-based sports drama chronicles the life of famous pitcher Monty Stratton. Stratton (James Stewart), a star athlete, loses his leg when his hunting rifle misfires during a wilderness outing. ...more
  • Tommy (Peter Lawford) is Tait College's quarterback and the biggest heartthrob on campus; unfortunately, his preoccupations with football and girls leave little time for studying. With an important ...more
  • Boston socialite Abigail Chandler (Kathryn Grayson) dreams of singing with the New York Metropolitan Opera. After her aunt and uncle kindly pay for her to go to New York for voice lessons, Abigail ...more
  • Glenn Miller (James Stewart) is a poor trombone player with dreams of fame. Eventually, through years of hard work and determination, he is able to start his own band, and they become one of the most ...more
  • After a successful nightclub performance, singer Patsy (June Allyson) and her gold digger sister Jean (Gloria DeHaven) hold a private show for servicemen, after which both become smitten with a ...more
  • A ruthless expose of the machinations of big business. A power struggle ensues when the president of a large corporation dies. Avery Bullard, President of the Tredway Corporation left no instructions ...more
  • The March sisters -- Meg (Janet Leigh), Jo (June Allyson), Beth (Margaret O'Brien) and Amy (Elizabeth Taylor) -- struggle to make ends meet in their New England household while their father is away ...more
  • An orchestra leader's (Jose Iturbi) right-hand man (Jimmy Durante) befriends a little girl (Margaret O'Brien) whose musician sister is pregnant.
  • On opening night of his new Broadway musical, "Show Boat," composer Jerome Kern (Robert Walker) reflects on his long career. With the help of his mentor, composer James Hessler (Van Heflin), a young ...more
  • In order to select the new general manager of his auto company, Ernest Gifford (Clifton Webb) summons three strong candidates to New York, along with their wives. While Sidney (Fred MacMurray) and ...more
  • Her Highness and the Bellboy is a 1945 American romantic comedy film directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Hedy Lamarr, Robert Walker, and June Allyson. Written by Richard Connell and Gladys ...more
  • Dr. Kevin G. Maguire (Cecil Kellaway) and his daughter, Kathleen (June Allyson), work at the local zoo as the superintendent and tour guide, respectively. As such, they believe that all animals ...more
  • Joseph "Mac" McConnell Jr. (Alan Ladd) dreams of piloting airplanes, so much that he goes AWOL from an Army base to take flying lessons. When the military police go looking for him, Mac hitches a ...more
  • In this fictionalized account of the partnership of songwriting legends Richard Rogers and Lorenz "Larry" Hart, Richard (Tom Drake), a well-mannered composer, teams up with eccentric but talented ...more
  • Distracted by female students and performing poorly in the classroom, Danny Churchill Jr. (Mickey Rooney) moves west to a university that his father believes is free of temptation. Soon, though, ...more
  • Boozing children's author Greg Rawlings (Van Johnson), known as Uncle Bump, enlists the help of illustrator Martha Terryton (June Allyson), who is appalled by his womanizing ways and seeming hatred ...more
  • The Girl in White is a 1952 film drama directed by John Sturges. It is based on the memoirs of the pioneering female surgeon Emily Dunning Barringer.
  • Celebrity contestants win money for charity by answering increasingly difficult questions.
  • The Sailor Takes a Wife is a 1945 comedy film based on the story of Chester Erskine, written by Anne Morrison Chapin and Whitfield Cook, and directed by Richard Whorf.
  • Saga of the US Air Force special bomber unit during the Cold War era. A professional baseball player is recalled to military service because of the expert flying skills he acquired during World War ...more
  • While at a war bond rally in a Delaware shipyard, starry-eyed welder Swanee Swanson (Dick Powell) becomes infatuated with Broadway star Julie Hampton (Lucille Ball). Swanee reveals to Julie that he ...more
  • Former radio singer Kay (June Allyson) learns from her gossipy friends that her husband, Steve (Leslie Nielsen), has had an affair with chorus girl Crystal (Joan Collins). Devastated, Kay tries to ...more
  • Penny Addams (June Allyson) lives in a constant state of depression stemming from the trauma of her father's death when she was just a young girl. Her brother, Chase (Robert Sterling), and ...more
  • Aspiring swordsman D'Artagnan (Gene Kelly) arrives in Paris with hopes of joining the royal guard and falls in love with the beautiful Constance (June Allyson). After clashing with three of the ...more
  • Beloved actress Lucille Ball plays herself in this lively musical comedy, based on the Broadway play and featuring the music of popular bandleader Harry James. When young military cadet Bud Hooper ...more