Junk That Turned Out To Be Worth A Fortune

In 2015, the second known photo of Billy the Kid was valued at $5 million. And one of the most interesting things about this photo isn’t the massive amount of money it will make at auction, but the amount the photo initially cost. According to the guy who bought the photo, he spent a paltry $2 on a bunch of junk and found the photo gathering dust.

When you hear a story like that you start to look around and wonder about other pieces of junk that turned out to be worth money. On this list are all kinds of wild finds, from pieces of jewelry stored in junk drawers to pieces of American history folded away inside picture frames. Put your digging gloves on and get inspired by this list of junk that turned out to be worth a fortune.

Every weekend, pickers and diggers flood flea markets, swap meets, and estate sales looking for the next big find. For every old stack of comics sold in the hot sun, there are always a few underestimated items worth a fortune - you just have to know what to look for.

Pickers with a keen eye can spend a lifetime searching for junk that’s actually worth millions, but if those pickers don’t have Lady Luck on their side, the search can be useless. If you want to get into the "turning junk into cash" game, check out this list of underestimated items worth money to get a good idea of what you should start looking for.