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Chilling Details About The Murder of Junko Furuta AKA The Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder

In one of the worst cases where killers deliberately prlonged their victim's suffering, Junko Furuta suffered for 44 long days. Furuta was a 17-year-old high school student in Tokyo, Japan, when she was kidnapped in December, 1988. Her kidnappers were also teenagers, and one of them was even her classmate. The boys held Furuta captive for over a month and subjected her to horrifying methods of torture. She begged to be killed, but they refused to grant her request until January 4, 1989, when she finally succumbed to her injuries after being set on fire one last time.

Her body was found in an industrial drum filled with concrete some time later. The concrete encased high school girl murder case became the subject of several movies, novels, and manga comics. The disgustingly brutal case tore across Japan, receiving nationwide attention as people began to discover the heinous crimes committed against the poor girl. To the shock of the world, the kidnappers eventually faced minimal charges and were given light sentences. Read on to learn more about the tragic case of Furuta and the unspeakable horrors that were done to her. 

  • She Was Brutally Tortured, From Sexual Assault To Burnings To Severe Bodily Injury

    Furuta was tortured over and over while she was being held captive. The young 17-year-old was repeatedly raped and had several objects shoved into her anus and vagina, from scissors to iron bars to fireworks that were set off. Her captors tore off the nipple of one of her breasts, burned her eyelids with wax, and stuffed her in a freezer for hours. 

    Her kidnappers also beat her repeatedly with golf clubs and smashed her face into a concrete floor. During the process, her sinuses filled with blood, making it difficult for her to eat or drink anything. When she did, she would throw up, which made her kidnappers even angrier when they saw the mess she'd made. They even forced her to lay on her back while they dropped weights onto her abdomen. This caused her kidneys to stop working properly. 

  • Her Captors Forced Her To Eat Live Cockroaches And Drink Her Own Urine

    Furuta wasn't just beaten regularly during her time in captivity - she was kept naked and was not given enough food or water. Her captors gave her just a minimal amount of both, and they also force-fed her live cockroaches and made her drink her own urine. Between the beatings and lack of proper sustenance, Furuta was physically weakened.

    According to accounts from the teenagers who captured her, she once spent an entire hour trying to get down the stairs to the bathroom. 

  • She Was Sexually Assaulted Over 100 Times By Men Who Knew She Was Being Held Captive

    Furuta's kidnappers raped and assaulted her daily. Over the 44 days that they held her captive, she was raped over 400 times by more people than just the four teenagers. In one day alone, she was raped by 12 different men. This means that other people knew about her situation, but did nothing to help. 

  • She Was Burned With Lighters, Hot Wax, And Lit Light Bulbs

    Furuta wasn't just beaten with golf clubs and fists - she was also burned repeatedly with lighters, lit light bulbs, and candle wax. Her captors burned her eyelids by holding a cigarette lighter to them and placed fireworks into various orifices before lighting them. Her burns were so bad that she reportedly went into convulsions several times due to the pain.