List of Dinosaurs That Appear In Jurassic World

Everyone is excited for Steven Spielberg's newest blockbuster, but what fans really want right now is a list of Jurassic World dinosaurs that will appear in the film. This list goes over the most important dinosaurs that will appear in Jurassic World, and what kind of role they might play in the film. In Jurassic World, we'll finally get to see what has been teased since the first Jurassic Park movie: a fully functioning dinosaur theme park. Will things go wrong? Of course they will, because if we've learned anything from the Jurassic Park movies, it's that "nature always finds a way."

There will be a lot of dinosaurs on display in Jurassic World. Some you have seen in the three previous movies, like the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, the vicious velociraptor and the gentle, three-horned triceratops. Others, like the ominously named Indominus rex, are genetically altered monstrosities that were made just for the movie. People seem to be most excited about the inclusion of water dinosaurs in Jurassic World, with the aquatic Mosasaurus getting a lot of screen time in the trailer.

We picked our 15 favorite dinosaurs that will be on display in Jurassic World. Which one would you not like to meet alone in the park?