Pretty Good Comedies You Can Totally Check Out On Amazon Prime

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On nights when choosing a movie is just too difficult or no one can settle on a genre, these are the times that a comedy is the perfect middle ground. And why squabble over which acclaimed comedy to watch when there are so many middle of the road comedies that will do just fine? After all, a mediocre comedy is going to be better than a mediocre drama. Luckily there are just such comedies to stream on Amazon in spades. Not to mention all the funny shows on Amazon Prime. Between movies and TV shows, everyone's need to chuckle - maybe not laugh out loud, just chuckle - can easily be met.

There are a great deal of funny movies on Amazon Prime. From indie comedies you may never have heard of to darkly humorous shows you've passed over but wondered about. Not every amusing comedy has to be non-stop laughter and knee-slapping to entertain. Sometimes, when you just want to take a break from your fast-paced life, it's enough after a movie ends to say to yourself "that was just a pretty good comedy."

In addition to the comedies to stream on Amazon Prime they have a great selection of decent horror flicks, great tv-shows, great dramas, and yes, even the actual best comedy films released. Here's the comedies you can stream on the platform that - at the very least - you won't regret watching and may even find yourself loving.

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  • Red Oaks
    10 votes

    If you like watching 1980s comedies like Caddyshack, you will probably enjoy Red Oaks. It's a nostalgic-feeling series, (for people who lived through the '80s or people who like 1980s movies), but the dialogue is fresh and sarcastic. It's a reliable choice for a pretty good comedy series.

  • Nacho Libre

    From Jared Hess, the man who brought us, Napoleon Dynamite, comes Nacho Libre. The movie stars Jack Black and is filled with absurdist humor about a padre at a convent. This one is ideal for sophomoric laughs and spacing out for a bit.

  • Baywatch
    5 votes
  • National Lampoon's Blackball

    National Lampoon's Blackball

    5 votes

    National Lampoon's Blackball is a kind-of British version of Happy Gilmore. While it might not inspire the timeless one-liners of its rogue athlete predecessor, it's a likable comedy starring Vince Vaughn. A man who is almost always funny.

  • Nothing Good Ever Happens

    Nothing Good Ever Happens

    6 votes

    While the premise seems a little dark - a painter almost kills himself drinking bleach - Nothing Good Ever Happens is actually a decently witty movie. It's a sort of darkish-comedy look at the differences between the way we perceive ourselves and the ways that other people see us.