21 Mechanics Share The Most Unhinged Things They've Seen Roll Into The Shop

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You can't hide anything from your mechanic. They know if you've been keeping up on your oil change so there's no point in lying. While we've never seen anything like the posts on this list, there's a part of us that knows we are not so different. You can find more posts like this at r/justrolledintotheshop. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

Photo: Reddit / Reddit

  • 1. There's Your Problem

    There's Your Problem
    Photo: u/Awkward_Pianist3839 / Reddit
    135 votes
  • 2. Getting Mario Kart Vibes

    Getting Mario Kart Vibes
    Photo: u/GnrlDisarray / Reddit
    88 votes
  • 3. DIY It

    DIY It
    Photo: u/Edit4488 / Reddit
    87 votes
  • 4. Caps Off

    Caps Off
    Photo: u/bam22056 / Reddit
    133 votes
  • 5. Okay!

    Photo: u/RickardBobby / Reddit
    110 votes
  • 6. See For Yourself

    See For Yourself
    Photo: u/huf72 / Reddit
    92 votes